TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze Review

Tempurpedic recently unveiled their new Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze, a new twist on their traditional style memory foam mattresses.

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze showroom

What is Breeze technology?

Breeze technology promises to remedy issues of overheating amongst Tempurpedic mattresses. In a press release issued by the manufacturer in late July of 2012, Breeze claims to cool on contact and better channel body heat away from the active user. The release went on to mention that the technology would “finally address” the issue of overheating, most likely a nod to the longstanding consumer complaint that Tempurpedic mattresses retain heat.

How does the technology work?

There is virtually no information concerning the actual composition of the mattress. Despite connecting with a representative from Tempurpedic directly, we garnered no useable information in terms of how the unveiled technology with play an active role in cooling the mattress overall. The representative we spoke with was unable to specify if the Breeze technology was gel based or otherwise. While it is slightly disconcerting employees are not properly versed with the Tempurpedic Breeze so close to launch, this is generally standard operation for giant retailer. We’re hoping to connect with a representative again soon for further insight on how the Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze will deliver.

As stated in a previous review, we understand the added coolness more than likely arrives in the form of an added mattress cover. This mattress cover is apparently the only difference from the Tempur-Rhapsody, something that has left our reviewers approaching the new line with serious apprehension. Mattress covers are notably cool to the touch but cannot change the actual composition of the memory foam material within the mattress. It would hardly be surprising to receive reports of overheating with Tempurpedic’s latest offering.

How will the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze be priced?

Tempurpedic bills their line as luxury mattresses and its prices certainly reflect that. You’ll find little difference in cost when it comes to the newly introduced Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze. Another noteworthy similarity is the warranty, following the same terms & conditions as previous models. Consumers will still be shelling out to secure a more cooling version of the popular Rhapsody.

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze Comparison

If you’re currently looking for a similar memory foam mattress to what Breeze is promising, our editors suggest taking a closer look at Amerisleep. The company compares their line of naturally built mattresses to Tempurpedic in terms of comfort & quality, originally designed to address common complaints with Tempurpedic such as overheating. Companies like Amerisleep also prove you don’t always have to shell out money to obtain luxury memory foam mattresses. Also of note, Amerisleep beds are backed by credible reviews which the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze should lack for some time.